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“Welcome to VENDORCALL – where innovation meets transformation in the world of Property Services! Our journey began with humble origins as the pioneers of on-demand Property Services through our revolutionary app. However, as we evolved, we realized that our true potential lay beyond the confines of a mere app.

Originally a two-sided marketplace connecting vendors with customers, we quickly discovered the untapped opportunities lying within our vast network of vendors. Recognizing the immense value we could offer, we expanded our horizons, empowering vendors with tools, resources, and opportunities to thrive beyond residential settings.

One key revelation was the gap in knowledge among home vendors regarding commercial ventures. Many skilled vendors were unaware of how to market their services to offices, restaurants, or the lucrative multifamily industry. Determined to bridge this gap, we set out to equip our vendors with the know-how and support needed to succeed in diverse commercial environments.

Today, VENDORCALL stands as a beacon of empowerment for vendors nationwide, facilitating their journey towards success and growth in both residential and commercial sectors. We’re passionate about transforming not just the way Property Services are delivered, but also about empowering individuals to unlock their full potential in the Property Services industry.

Join us as we continue to break boundaries, redefine standards, and shape the future of Property Services. Together, let’s embark on a journey of innovation, empowerment, and endless possibilities with VENDORCALL.

Who Benefits? Spoiler Alert – Everyone!

As a Commercial Business Owner: Maintain a pristine workspace effortlessly. Our vetted vendors are equipped to handle the unique Property Services requirements of offices, restaurants, and other commercial establishments. Focus on running your business while we take care of the Property Services.

As a Property Manager: Bid farewell to the hassle of coordinating Property Services for turnovers, move-ins, move-outs, and routine maintenance. Don’t waste time calling multiple vendors hoping to find someone that can complete the job on your timeline.  With VENDORCALL, you gain access to a huge network of highly skilled vendors ready to tackle any commercial Property Services application. All available vendors are required to get a background check and insurance coverage is provided by VENDORCALL.  Say hello to efficiency and convenience!

As a Multifamily Community Manager: Simplify your property management duties with VENDORCALL. From scheduling move-in/move-out Property Servicess to maintaining the cleanliness of common areas, our platform connects you with reliable vendors who understand the unique needs of multifamily communities.  If a cleaner is not meeting your expectations, VENDORCALL can replace them with a new team without the hassle of on-boarding a new Property Services company.

With VENDORCALL, everyone benefits from efficient, reliable, and high-quality Property Services. Join us in revolutionizing the way Property Services is done in the commercial sector!

Meet Our Founders:

John L Thomas

Here at VENDORCALL, we believed that we could build a dual sided marketplace that would allow a user to find an amazing cleaner within seconds…and build a platform for vendors where they didn’t have to pay to get jobs. Giving everyone time back in their day to focus on other things.

Think about it.  What if you could save a few thousand dollars every year on Property Services.  What if you didn’t have to call a single person to get a house cleaned that you were managing.  What if…in a matter of seconds, you were able to knock off another item off your task list?

In today’s over-saturated market of vendors, it is extremely expensive and difficult for a Property Services company to promote and market themselves. With VENDORCALL, vendors are able to accept real paying jobs without a single marketing expense.  This strategy helps everyone.  Vendors are willing to take a lower rate on the job because they have no marketing expenses and customers gain the benefit of always having Property Services resources available at below market prices.

With VENDORCALL it’s a win-win!


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