With VendorCall, Property Management Partners can then select the type of on-demand service they require, answer few details regarding the service required & place a quote for their job. Service providers can choose to accept the rate or counter bid with their own offer.

Explore Services

Explore a categorized list of scheduled or on-demand services available in your area. Our platform has been tailored for on-demand services for Apartment Communities and Commercial Real Estate.

Provide Service Details

Certain services(such as an on-demand painter) will prompt users to fill out a questionnaire regarding details of the service required. 


Schedule the date & time for your service required.


Enter the price you are willing to pay to service professionals to complete the job. Need multiple bids? Request a proposal with pricing from multiple professionals

Explore Profesionals Near You

Once registered on the provider app, on-demand service professionals can view list of available service jobs near them & their current bid. If the service professionals wishes to not be visible for booking on the customers app, the provider can select the ‘Go Offline’ option on the top

View Job Details – Job Bidding

Basic details including information filled in the questionnaire, on the customer app during listing and job photos as well are available before bidding. 

Job Bidding

Once the app commision has been paid, service professionals can enter their own prices for the selected job. When both professional & property manager accept on a price, the job is then assigned to the professional.

Project Management

View the status & details of assigned, pending and completed bookings.


VendorCall comes with both kinds of service booking ie with job bidding & without. With a marketplace booking, partners can hire certain service professionals by selecting a service type, browsing through a filtered list of professionals, viewing their according rate cards & booking accordingly.

Select Service Type

Upon selecting the service, users are prompted to select between an in-call service or an out-call one.

Scheduling Options

VendorCall provides various scheduling options are available for the service in-mind, including repeat booking incase of on-demand maid services, tutor services, massage services, laundry services etc.

Filtered List

Based on the previous inputs, a filtered list of service professionals are displayed to the user with base details such as rate, reviews & distance.

Rate cards & Add-ons

Users can view the rate card of individual service professionals as well as view & add additional services offered by the individual before checking & booking the professional.

View Job Details – Fixed Prices

View details from jobs booked, based on the provider’s hourly rates.

View Assigned Jobs

Service professionals can view a list of pending jobs, past jobs and assigned jobs with a live timer for when the job is available to be worked on.

Explore Services

Explore a categorized list of on-demand services available in your area. 

Live Tracking & Job Status

VendorCall comes with a robust & user-friendly live job tracking module. Additionally, an in-app live job timer is integrated for both the customer & provider apps

View Assigned Bookings

Partners can view a list of assigned projects. Once the project is started by the service provider, the partner is notified and can begin live-tracking

On-Demand Service Live Tracking & Status

Live track your service provider for the job assigned. In-app notifications are provided for each job status update. An in-app timer is included as well, to capture the job duration.

Service Provider Profile

View profile details of each service professional bidding, their past reviews, services provided etc.


In-app navigation powered by Google Maps makes ETAs and tracking with Vendorcall a breeze.

In-App Chat

Chat with your service providers to exchange specific information regarding the job at hand.


In-app notifications are provided during bookings, jobs, earnings etc.

Customer Real-Time Job Status & Timer

Customers can are updated in real-time regarding the assigned job along with a live job timer provided as well

Job Timer

A timer is started once the job begins. Service professionals can pause the job timer during breaks. The timer stops once the job is completed.

Invoice & Ratings

VendorCall’s platform comes with a detailed invoice generation module for both partners & service providers. Service providers can generate invoices & receive signatures via the provider app itself. Customers can view detailed invoice & rate their on-demand service providers on a number of categories.

Generate Invoice

Services professionals can create proposals & invoices via the app. Additional services/equipment provided by the professional can also be added in the invoice once job has started.

Customer Signature

Once the proposal or invoice is reviewed by the customer, service professionals can get the customer signature via the app itself .


Service professionals can also rate their bookers on the VendorCall app.

Customer Invoice

View a detailed receipt of the completed job

Customer Sidebar

Update various profile details, contact support, share referral codes etc via the profile sidebar

In-App Payments

The in-app wallet integrated into VendorCall, serves two functions- To be used for job bidding & the other in case of cash bookings. A Soft & Hard Limit is assigned during cash bookings, to ensure professionals do not overcharge the partners


Bird’s View

Overall view of all the ongoing projects, available & unavailable service providers, battery percentage, live map view etc.

Manual Bookings

Manually assign bookings to service providers on-demand. Enter details such as service type, on demand or scheduled booking, payment methods etc.

Individual Job View

View the status of each individual booking & their respective job status.


Explore Services

Search & view various on-demand services & offers available.


Choose your booking type from on-demand, scheduled or weekly schedules.

Add Individual Services

Choose from additional jobs under each service category.

View Jobs & Status

View the various service bookings opted & their individual job status.


Manage various service on-demand categories present on VendorCall.


View all bookings & trips in real-time on a map across cities or zones.


Create zones for your services areas by drawing polylines on a map and set rates accordingly.


Push messages to service providers and partners directly from the admin panel integrated VendorCall


Keep a tab on service providers and maintain high-quality standards using ratings and reviews left by customers on VendorCall


Set up various app commission rates based on zone, service type, fares, rate cards etc on VendorCall

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