Source, onboard
and manage
freelancers in one

Find the right person for your next project without the backoffice overhead

Highly qualified talent

Search, curate and hire freelancers based on subject matter
expertise and project length

Avoid long and rigorous agency research and RFPs

Easy onboarding for you
and your organization

The Stoke platform makes it easy to onboard freelancers, process invoices
and provide transparency to your finance and legal teams.

Budget tracking

Eliminate manual and disorganized invoicing and approval
processes with real-time budget reporting

Why freelancers?

Short-term engagements

Plan ahead for short term
projects by temporarily
augmenting your staff

Subject matter experts

Hire freelancers for specific and
ongoing tasks outside of your
existing team’s skillset

Limited budget

Stretch your program budget
with freelancers rather than
expensive agency retainers

New program initiatives

Test and pilot new programs
before committing to full time